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Our Guatemalan coffee is grown in Chajul.  Asociacion Chajulense, Guatemala’s first fair trade coffee association. is comprised of 1500 coffee farms. La Roya (“The Rust”) is a yearly fungus that this year destroyed 75% of coffee plants in Chajul, for these farmers, a loss of 75% of their income.

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Ensure healthy future harvests using farmer-to-farmer educational outreach re soil replenishment and plant strength. These initiatives are based on trust and understanding, from shared experiences when farmers share effective farming techniques to improve yields and foster community empowerment.

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CX employees “selling” their works of art with all proceeds donated to Roya Recovery Fund. CX Customers “Tip your coffee farmer – as well as your barista” at all cash registers. CX matching funds for all Recovery Fund areas, customer donations, art sale, tip your farmer, and online donations. 

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